August "HOURS"

Monday through Friday - 4:00 - 9:00 (Reservation ONLY)

Saturday - 8:00 - 2:00 (Reservation ONLY)

Our  mission is to provide a facility and a culture that players, families and coaches want to be part of, regardless of their level – from beginners to elite!

By providing a facility, equipment and programs that assist coaches  and players in developing strong fundamentals, knowledge of the game – both physical and mental,  and the enthusiasm to keep learning.


We are proud, and thankful, to be part of your child's development.  Seeing just how much they improve over the Fall & Winter is what keeps us going.  Listen to what a few parents have to say:

                       "just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much we love the AIM program.                                  It is absolutely awesome! I can only imagine the edge this is going to give (my
                        son) next year. Thanks, thanks, thanks"  Decatur
                         "i just wanted to let you know how great your new program is.  I cannot believe 
                          how much he has improved in just a few weeks.  We're telling everyone." FW
                         "it is amazing to see her get better every week.  I wasn't sure if this was right for her,
                          but now I can't imagine her not doing it.  Can't wait to see her play in the Spring -                         what an edge!  Thanks for making it possible"  FW
Our second Fall/Winter offering of our AIM program is set up with great coaches and instructors, with hearts to encourage, inspire and train young athletes.  Our 2014/2015 AIM program was a great success and we expect this years' offering will fill up quickly.
You can find out more by clicking the Upcoming Events tab.  See how much just a few dollars per session can get you.  Your young player can learn and train in Fort Wayne's premier indoor facility.  
Contact us immediately if you are involved in the leadership or management of a League, manager or coach of a travel team/program or a high school coach.  Our programs are designed to help the players and coaches AND your program.  Gold and Silver Team programs are great for your team but also perfect for those players who have a desire to work at their game.  AND - our programs are structured to to help your program grow as well.  From financial help to promoting your program - clinics and workshops to learn and share teaching techniques and shared fundraising.  WE WANT TO HELP YOU - and WE WANT TO HELP YOU HELP THEM.  
BRAND NEW - 6 and 10 month memberships for batting cage and pitching tunnel usage.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to have unlimited access (time restrictions may apply) to work on your game - for less than 7 cage rental.    Call us now at 260-471-7224 to learn how.
 Thanks go out to all the managers and coaches, from league teams to travel teams, for their commitment to developing young players, and their willingness to invest their time in teaching and mentoring.  Also, a huge thanks to all you parents who are committed to helping your kids pursue what they love.  TOGETHER - WE CAN AND ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE - ONE PLAYER AT A TIME!  

Dare to be a Champions!



Current Events

Click On Upcoming Events tab to see details of our exciting new opportunities to take full advantage of Fort Wayne's premier indoor training facility.  

Smaill Group Hitting Instruction and Private Lessons Available. Call 260-471-7224 to arrange a program best suited for you.

Little Leagues, Recreational Leagues and Travel Teams/Programs - Call us now to see how your players, coaches and your league can benefit. Brand New Team programs, memberships and incredible training programs for all ages and levels.